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From special occasions and reunion parties, to carious corporate team building programmes and conferences, the demand for yachts in Goa, or specifically yacht on rent in Goa, is on a constant rise. When you have painstakingly planned your vacation, right from arranging the cheapest flight tickets, to find a hotel or resort that yields complete value for money, it is imperative that you spare a reasonable amount of time planning the itinerary of your Goan holiday. Planning in advance ensures that your vacation doesn’t get disrupted because of last-minute logistical issues and various other constraints. For a free flowing sequence of fun pursuits in Goa, make sure you check out the various activities and pick the ones you would want to experience in order of priority.

Reasons for hiring yachts in Goa

If your holiday itinerary includes stuff like a Bachelors Party, a pre-wedding photo shoot, a destination wedding, a birthday celebration, a college reunion, a romantic anniversary treat or just a lavish get-together with friends or family, all of these agendas would warrant that you contact the best team that specializes in providing yacht on rent in Goa. Luxury Rental has a holistic collection of yachts of various sizes, capacities and types, based on your specific requirements. Yet another reason to approach Luxury Rental for yacht rental would be if you are going there on a corporate visit, and would like to arrange out-of-the-box activities for team building, meetings, ice-breaking sessions amongst colleagues and so on.

How to choose the best yacht?

The definition of ‘best yacht’ for you, completely depends upon your specific requirements- the number of people you are hosting, the time for which you require yacht rental, the type and scale of the event and so on. But there are certain basic criteria which are common to all kinds of yachts. So these are the basic parameters that you can keep in mind when you get in touch with any company that specializes in the realm of yacht rental in Goa. Here’s a look at them:-

    • Type of yacht- The various choices are Motor Yacht, Motor Boat, Speed Boat, Corporate Yacht, Luxury Yacht etc.
    • Total Guest Count- In Luxury Rental’s exclusive fleet of yachts, there are vessels available in a varying range of capacity. So whether it is a very small get together of 10 people, an average sized party of 30 to 60 people or a full-blown mega event of 120 to 150 people on board, there are well-built and well-equipped yachts available to take care of all such requirements.
    • Size- Well, the length of the yacht could range anywhere between 20 feet to 60 feet, and the square footage of space available for hosting the event would be made available to you by Luxury Rental’s representatives as soon as you get in touch with them.


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    Thanks to Luxury Rental, availing yacht rental in Goa has become such a cakewalk. Right from initial queries to online booking and availing the facilities on the spot, the highly efficient and trusted team will leave no stone unturned to give you complete value for money!


    Luxury Rental is the no.1 choice for all travellers seeking a yacht on rent in Goa. Whatever be the purpose of hiring yachts in Goa, Team Luxury Rental guarantees splendid infrastructure and super-efficient services for leisure, adventure and corporate guests. Do check their website for the plentiful choices and discounts.


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