Why Team Building?

Team building is one important quality that needs to be inoculated during childhood. Team-building activities or games are fun and constructive ways to help employees get to know team spirit, co-cooperativeness, and brotherhood and develop communication. We can’t explain clearly what the team spirit is with words. While it is easy to understand what team spirit is for employees through the activities. Let’s have a look at these interesting corporate and team building activities for employees and get more inspiration. These activities include Roll the mummy, Push the cup with few blows, caterpillar race, blindfold bottle game, back to back balloon race, pass the water game, treasure hunt game and more. All these games or activities are suitable for employees to have fun outdoor or indoor.

Roll the Mummy:

How to play: Divide the group into different teams (depending on group size) with 4-5 members in each team.  Within the team, they choose one person to be the mummy.  All of the others each get a roll of toilet paper.  When the signal is given, they start wrapping their mummy in toilet paper.

WINNER:   The first team to cover their mummy entirely wins.

Push the cup with few blows:

How to play:Line up cups on a table.  Participants must get the cups off the table using only the air from a balloon.  (So they blow up the balloon and use that air to push the cups off the table). Once every cup is blown away, the next participant has to arrange the cups again as it was arranged and blow it. The same follows to all the players in the team.

WINNER: First team with all players blowing up all the cups entirely wins.

Caterpillar race:

How to play:All Caterpillar members bend forward and tightly hold on to the ankles of the person ahead of them. Now they have to move forward. It is uttermost important that you do not let go of the ankles of the member in front of you. This version requires cooperation and good team spirit.

WINNER:Whoever reaches the mark first, wins the race. (It’s a foul if any participant leaves the member ankle in between and team points will be disqualified).

Blindfold Bottle Game:

How to play:Teams will be divided in equal Nos.  First team will be blindfolded. They have to find the bottles lying on the ground full of water and they have to empty it in the Bucket.

WINNER:Whichever group finds more bottles filled with water by all members wins the activity.

Back to Back Balloon Race:

How to play:Teams will be divided into two, there will be a balloon in between players, and Teams need to run towards the end point without touching balloons with their hands.

WINNER:Whoever reaches the mark first, wins the race. (It’s a foul if any participant drops down the balloon between the race and that team points will be disqualified).

Pass the Water Game:

How to play:You stand in a line, and the first person has the cup that is filled with water going over their head they have to pour the water behind them for the next person to catch in their cup. Repeat Repeat Repeat until the water is filled in the mug! This game improves in bonding relationship and teamwork.

WINNER:Whoever fills the mug first wins the game. (Communication is the positive point in this game)

Treasure Hunt Game:

How to play:Two different Teams will be given some clues and they need to find the treasure with the help of the clues. Teamwork takes a big role in this game.

WINNER:Whoever answers more from two teams is the winner.

Beer Pong Game:

How to play:Two different teams will be given cups with beer filled in each cup, later each member will have to throw a ball in the cup, and the opponent cup member has to drink the complete beer.

WINNER:Whichever team has more cups with beer remaining are the winners.

Tug of War Game:

About the Game:“The beauty of tug of war is in four areas: Art, wisdom, science and humanity.It’s an art because it is a demonstration between power and rhythm.The wisdom is in the perfect balance of still and movement.It is a science because of the integration of science and strength.And its humanity is that it is a war of peace, it is a strong team linked together with a rope.”

WINNER:Whichever team pulls hard with team effort are the winners.

Kayak Race:

About the Game:Besides a memorable experience, this activity gives participants the opportunity to develop essential teamwork skills including communication, leadership, and planning while having fun.

WINNER:Whichever team puts more effort are the winners.

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