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Those classy and shining yachts with our favorite superstars onboard have always caught our fancy! At least once in our life, we crave being on a yacht and spend a gala time with our beloved buddies. The Goan clear, sunny blue carpet, in particular, has always been a hotspot for yachts. However, amidst all the fascinations and glitter, did I also say, yachts in Goa are expensive? I wouldn’t, as they really aren’t! Luxury Rentals offers the best, yet the most reasonable yachts for private parties in Goa, along with all the services and support guaranteed! Here’s some food for thought for your Goan yachting endeavors.

At some point in time, we all wish to unplug ourselves from the skeptical routines and the confinements of our monotonous conference rooms to set out for a flabbergasting open sky yacht holiday in Goa. While observed to be a routine in the western countries, yachts, even today, are deemed to be an unconventional way of holidaying in India. So be it! What matters at the end of the day is enjoying our self out! Isn’t that the only agenda, while on a Goan holiday? That’s exactly where Luxury Rentals comes into the picture.

Something that was a far-fetched dream for many has now transformed into the most preferred holidaying fashion and that too across different age-groups, right from the spunky youth to the experienced and peace-seeking silvers! Luxury Rentals, with its affordable yacht packages, has taken yacht tourism to every budding household. Regardless of your taste as a tourist and your reason to be on board a vessel, Luxury Rentals would always be in the forefront of offering the best yachts for parties in Goa, along with the most enthralling water sports activities in Goa.

With a wide range of yachts meant to cater to diverse events, right from birthday celebrations, engagements, to private wedding affairs  and milestone celebrations like celebrating marriage anniversaries, Luxury Rentals offers more than one alternative, thus genuinely proving itself to the be the leading propellant of the yacht services in Goa as well as water sports activities in Goa.

Luxury Rentals Yachts for Private Parties in Goa | The Best Yachts in Goa

Not one, or two, but there several different vessels that make up for the Luxury Rentals fleet of yachts in Goa. Right from the single cabin, compact yachts perfect for private party affairs, to the larger ones meant to throw those large corporate and get together parties, Luxury Rentals offers every type of yacht. Luxury Rentals offers motor yachts as well as party yachts. The motor yachts category includes yachts like Princess 42, Majesty 66, Lagoon 44, Azimut 39, Fairline 42, and Fairline Squadron.

Similarly, for the party buffs, Luxury Rentals offers some of the most exciting vessels like Woof Woof, Sea Breeze, and Flor Do Mar. All of these yachts are fully-loaded with amenities and some exciting features that leave you absolutely awestruck!

Luxury Rentals Water Sports Activities in Goa | The Best Center for Scuba Diving in Goa

For some, yachts aren’t enough, and for such hardcore tourists, Luxury Rentals offers a wide range of water sports activities in Goa such as parasailing, banana rides, jet-ski, and scuba diving. Right from the golden sand stretches of Mapusa, to the quaint shores of the southern Goan waters, you would find Luxury Rentals everywhere! With the best sporting and safety equipment, along with qualified trainers, Luxury Rentals makes water sports a safe, and at the same time, fulfilling experience for its clients.

Yet pondering? Visit us and enjoy the virtual tour of all the yachts in Goa offered by Luxury Rentals. For some additional information, if required, buzz Luxury Rentals on +91 78873 66687 or email at

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