Finest Fleet of Yachts in Goa

If you haven’t availed a yacht on rent in Goa, you are missing on a vital and magical experience that the beautiful Goan waters have to offer. Hiring the best yachts in Goa, doesn’t merely imply a well-built yacht for sailing. It has more to do with how basic or luxurious the yacht is, based on your requirements. Is the yacht rental for a lavish formal party, or a casual outdoor spree with friends, or a pre-wedding photo shoot, or a birthday celebration? There could be tons of other reasons for renting a yacht for this beach holiday destination.

The Joy of Sailing

For some people, a yacht could merely denote the sheer, unhindered pleasure of sailing. A couple of rare sailors prefer to go solo, while others would just like to spend some quality time with close friends or family. But apart from relaxation and various kind of personal parties and events, one needs to remember that yachts in Goa, are also in great demand owing to the rise in a number of corporate events being organized there. As we all know, many large and medium sized companies plan their annual or bi-annual conferences in scenic locations, touted as getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city. This raises the motivational levels of the employees as well as serves as a venue for team building and other corporate programmes. Experiencing the unhindered joy of sailing is slowly grabbing a place in the bucket list of most corporates.

Movie Shoots on Yachts

Nowadays, movie shoots on yachts are very common. Many small and mid-sized production companies cannot afford to take their entire team out to exotic foreign locations. In such a scenario, it is so very convenient to visit Goa, and quite easy to shoot a song or a couple of scenes in a well-built, luxurious yacht with all the necessary amenities, whilst capturing the beauty of the ocean. Yet again, many movies showcase actors engaging in water sports and the best venue to shoot this is by taking a yacht on rent in Goa. If you are wondering how much it would cost you, and whether there is a risk of going over-budget, you will be happy to note that there are different yachts available for different sets of affordability vis-à-vis pricing. Especially when it happens to be a company as renowned and trustworthy as Luxury Rental, there is absolutely no scope of going over-budget!

Amazing Yachts in Goa

The entire experience of yachting in Goa is beyond amazing. A sailing experience is always special, irrespective of magnitude, time spent or a number of people on board. You could just be solo, or with someone special, or with a whole bunch of friends, and the experience is always awesome. But the important requirement is to ensure that the yacht on rent in Goa, are provided by a highly competent and seasoned team to handle all your requirements efficiently and well within your budget. Experience your Goan holiday like never before, with Luxury Rental’s exclusive deals and packages for yacht-rental.


A wonderful fleet of yachts in Goa are available for a variety of purposes like pre-wedding photo shoots, bachelor parties, engagement parties, birthday bashes, anniversary celebrations, movie shoots as well as corporate events. Getting the best yacht on rent in Goa is the best experience of a lifetime awaiting you.

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