Luxury Rental, the name itself resonates an ambiance of extravagance and lavish self indulgence, on a lease. As if an arrangement made by the Gods themselves, to offer a fresh lease of life in an otherwise monotonous routine affair. Add to it generous amounts of thrill and adventure, adrenaline pumping atmosphere and jaw-dropping scenic beauty and we have all the ingredients for a vacation full of exuberance and the envy of mere mortals. Our very concept of business is based on the simple motto of “Live life King size, even if only for a day”

Gone are the days when exclusivity and access to luxury facilities were restricted only to the rich and famous. At Luxury Rental we believe in creating exclusive atmospheres, but not restricted to anyone. Be it a vacation with friends or a family gets together in life, every occasion in life deserves a celebration and when you’re already at celebrations, why not make it large, and make it a memory for a lifetime. So for never before experience of a lifetime rent luxury yachts in Goa, Mumbai, Chennai for bachelors party reunions, pre wedding shoots, corporate events, romantic Dinner cruise and cruise the turquoise waters to enjoy the occasions at its grandest. If you are on vacation in Cochin or Bombay, indulge in some nerve wracking adventure with our extensive range of rental water scooters, jet skis, or dive underwater to explore a new world with our scuba diving gear and equipment. Acquaint yourself with your aquatic neighbours and be confronted and caught by surprise by the massive resident sea turtle wading across the sea bed. Allow yourself to get captivated by the collage of colours in a sea anemone. Draw a fresh lease of life with our experienced divers to train guide and assist you individually as you dive to explore the less trespassed marine flora and fauna. And if that were not all, we all familiar with our country’s rich historical heritage and of the entourage of foreign ships bearing invaders and explorers that have arrived and some wrecked across the shores of Goa and Cochin. Find ruins of old ships scattered across the deep sea bed and marvel at the travel back into time as you uncover pieces of history lodged safely on the sea bed. If it’s your day, you might just encounter and unearth a hidden treasure. The possibilities are endless.

If your tastes are milder and less adventurous, you could opt for a peaceful cruise on a luxurious house boat across the backwaters of Kerala pampered by royal treats and indulgences on the lavish house boat itself. For honeymoon on a yacht, propose on a yacht, candlelight dinner on a yacht in Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala you can opt for Luxury Rental for a serene & intimate affair. And if you have a taste for the wild but prefer to hand pick the guestlist yourself and desire a private ambience to your party, we could arrange private beach parties on hidden and secluded islands in Goa, which are absolutely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the thronging crowds for your private events in Goa, Mumbai, Chennai. In short, At Luxury Rental, we have a choice for every occasion, a spread for every taste bud and extravagance to suit the likes of royalty themselves. For us arranging a luxurious Birthday Celebration on ayacht, weddings on yacht in Goa and so on is quite a piece of cake indeed. So if you are up for it, allow us to plan your entire tour and spice it up with elements of thrill and adventure, in the most luxurious and indulgent ambience that you can imagine. We live by our motto, “Live life King size, even if only for a day”

If you need a fresh lease of life, on rent, and in the lap of luxury, head to Luxury Rental straight away.

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